Reflections on what we want and what we get

If you are one of those who follow our political scene, especially our elected politicians, you may find the events in the House of Representatives amusing or infuriating. But some of the actions of politicians “defy reason”. But perhaps we got what we wanted. Perhaps as a “well-deserved” reward.
We proudly talk about living in a modern, law-abiding nation, and we extol democracy and liberal democracy, but there may still be many among us who do not even understand what exactly these words define. Perhaps most young and educated people do not. But since the Internet is “omniscient,” anyone can look up any information they need. 9]
When one saysdemocracy , we should understand the word to meanthat all citizens (ideally) share equally in governance in a democratically elected government. should be understood to mean – it should be the so-called government of the people who freely elected their representativesto the government.Liberal Democracy – This term is very complex because, according to many, it can be understood in different ways. 26] Perhaps most important in liberal democracyis that all citizens liberální demokracie.jpgequal before the law.And it does not matter that there are clashes of different views, whether about politics, life, or religion. For everyone has different demands on his or her life and recognizes different values. Perhaps because they belong to a different social class than others. But all this must be harmonized withtolerance for others. [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] And if this is mutually accomplished, [50] the ideal result [51] is [52] good government. [53][54][55][56] But the crucial thing is that everything is closely related. [55] [56] Every citizen [57] of our nation is first and foremost free. But [58] [59] only [60] as representatives of the citizens, [61] [62] [63] the House of Delegates, including those who work in government, [64] must know not only what their rights are, but also what their duties are.If some do not know, they should be educated. Perhaps this consistency smacks of idealism. But it is unfortunate that it does not. For we see that the reality in democracy itself often tends to be different.liberální demokracie.jpg
In recent days, our House of Representatives has rehashedvarious approaches to the rules of procedurefor the final passage of bills. Perhaps sometimes it is time to use “common sense” in practice. Individual government representatives could negotiate more with the opposition in the time that our rules of procedure would provide. That way, unnecessary obstruction might be avoided.