Practice yoga and awaken the child in you again

If you are sick of lying in bed at night, cranky, stressed, and with a sore back, let yoga take you back to your childhood, when your mind and body were relaxed and playing. Remember to breathe correctly and make full yoga breathing a part of your daily routine.
mohyla z kamenů
Here are three yoga poses I know from childhood:

At 3 months, babies can hold their bodies on their axis and lift their legs up to 90 degrees at all joints of the lower legs. Try this posture as well. The cervical spine will be at ease.
– Lie on your back and raise your bent leg onto the mat, heel slightly above knee level
– Press the buttocks against the mat and contract the abdomen
– Pull the cervical vertebrae farther apart and follow the knees with your eyes
– Place your hands on your abdomen and feel your deep breathing


Cobra pose
Every mom is filled with joy and pride when her baby begins to have a “herd of horses,” but in yoga, the horse is replaced by a cobra, another exercise that helps stretch and strengthen the spine.
– Slowly roll over onto your stomach, pressing the pubic bone against the mat and pulling the navel toward the lumbar spine
– Bend your arms and place your palms under the shoulders on the mat
– Breathe into your belly, lift your torso, straighten your arms, straighten your gaze, and keep your spine straight
– Pull the shoulder blades down toward the pelvis.
– Keep the pelvis on the mat.
– Exhale and slowly return to the lying position
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[40] Child\’s posture [41] [42
Babies may curl up on the floor to sleep when they are very tired, playing or frolicking on the floor. Try to focus on yourself for a while and not think about what you haven\’t bought yet or what needs to be put away for the weekend. Try the wonderful relaxing experiences you had as a child.
– Sit with your heels on the floor and curl up
with your forehead on the mat.
– Arms along your body, palms up or extended as far forward as possible
– 48] Relax, breathe deeply, and relax