Obese Children – Unhappy Children

Recently, the number of obese children has skyrocketed [7 8] One does not need to read statistics in newspapers or professional journals. [just take a walk in the city.
It used to be that there was one obese child in the classroom, or at most two. Today, this phenomenon is not uncommon.
o After all, if you examine the statistics,you will find that almost 35% of children are obese. And this number is not steadily decreasing, quite the opposite.
Parents who have children “running around” at homeare most likely in a similar situation. Children are not rubbernecks that can get out on their own. 29]
As they get taller, they get wider. Unless he starts doing something.
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Obesity is very uncomfortable for the child himself. The child is often the target of ridicule and throws fits, for example, in physical education class. In addition, adolescents may develop serious psychological problems. They may develop psychological anorexia or bulimia.
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So let\’s save our children while there is still time.
The best solution is undoubtedly exercise. However, banishing children to the fields for an hour and sitting alone in front of the TV eating an assortment of potato chips is unlikely to bear fruit. After all, the whole family can go to the countryside. And it doesn\’t matter if you\’ve gained a couple of pounds or just got better. Being physically active is good for the slim. [If your child knows that you really care about him or her, he or she will definitely try to do something on his or her own.
– And time spent together in nature will definitely be appreciated, and not just in terms of fattening the child up.
One of the mistakes parents make is to ban them. In this case, it is to ban fast food restaurants. Perhaps every child has a special defense mechanism. [50] Once something is prohibited, it must be done. [51] Therefore, [52] it should not be prohibited. [53] Rather, try to negotiate some kind of compromise. And if you let your child know that you consider him or her to be someone with whom you can reasonably discuss things, you will see that many things will change.