It starts from the outside

What is the first thing a passerby will notice about your home? The immaculate interior, the high-tech appliances, the state-of-the-art security system? Probably not. The first thing that catches the eye is the building itself, and of course the surroundings of the house. What we tend to neglect is the garden. Plants grow where they shouldn\’t, and hedges don\’t even remember their shears anymore. The garden ponds only dream of a suitable habitat for aquatic life, and the facades of our dwellings? What a horror! What about fences and walls? They remember, with some exaggeration, the first republic.

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A Little TLC

Not only the interior but also the exterior deserves the owner\’s attention and care! It\’s best to get professional help, or rather, to have them help you. Don\’t forget to take care of the bushes, flower beds, and ponds. If you own a pool, it is a chapter unto itself. Just because the swimming season is over doesn\’t mean it\’s over! The pool needs to be ready for winter, it needs the right chemicals, and it needs care and revitalization! The summer months have served the pool well! Come spring, the new summer season will begin much easier and more effortlessly!

What about the gardener?

If you own and use a greenhouse, you know what you need. Or don\’t you? After the last crop is harvested, the greenhouse needs to be tidied up, the plant debris cleaned up, the soil loosened, and the proper fertilizer applied so that the greenhouse can comfortably survive the winter. The same goes for the flower beds in the garden and around the house. This is the only way to avoid spring infestations of various plants by mold and pests.
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Fences as business cards

That\’s right, if you focus on fencing the property, you\’ll be more than okay! Aside from the safety aspect, the aesthetic aspect is certainly not acceptable. These days, the classic wooden ones are often replaced by metal fences or designer stone walls. In any case, if one succeeds in perfectly combining stone plinths and metal, for example, it is always a positive experience for passersby.