How to Teach Others and Not Destroy Yourself

MMany people confuse the concepts of education and nurturing
– Teachers educate, parents educate. However, as children spend more and more time at school and parents at work, teachers need to have a holistic impact on their students. Not just educate.
– So teachers must ensure healthy self-esteem and a quality background in themselves and their students.
– Schools should give teachers the opportunity to act. freedom and have full confidence in his ideas.
– And on the other hand, every teacher should be the backbone of the teaching staff, never content with his own results and methods, but constantly educating himself and broadening his horizons.
– Then he can be a great leader and helper of his class.
učitelka s grafem
No teacher, even a skilled one, is perfect and ideal
– When a teacher is unable to self-actualize due to student and administrative apathy, lack of motivation, student behavior, low social reputation, and difficult conditions, all ultimately lead to burn-out syndrome
– it is a certain tension that alerts us to the problem. Teachers are unable to continue their work, are exhausted, have no drive or ideas, suppress their humanity, do not solve individual problems, and are unable to remain calm about their counterparts\’ sensitivities and emotional aspects.
pěst muže
Remember that the fault is not always on the other side.
– Negative behaviors and qualities may develop within the educator himself/herself as he/she practices the profession. In the past, one could talk about the distortions caused by the role of teaching. [Today we call it a pitfall. [Those with significant emotional disturbance, hysteria (affective disorders), personality developmental disharmony, and self-esteem disorders should avoid the teaching profession.
-Teachers may exhibit the following negative personality traits and symptoms: constant teaching, moralizing, adherence to the truth in any situation, self-esteem and self-depreciation, emptiness, delayed theoretical knowledge, indifference, loss of faith in the independence of students, certain diseases (lethargy, cretinism, idiocy…) increased incidence of.
-Hence the need to pay attention to personal hygiene.