Forget the bare lawn

If you own a home, you probably own an undeveloped lot next to it. Maybe you have a tree planted in your yard, or a flower bed of useful vegetables for fresh nutrients. But how can you continue to fill that space and make the most of it? Try the following ideas.
motýl na rostlině

Meadow flowers indiánské teepee.
Perhaps the easiest way to remove the responsibility of a green lawn in the current dry season is to plant a patch of prairie garden or leave it “wild”. This is very popular in larger towns and villages. This is because the flowers attract pollinators and butterflies, plus you only need to mow the lawn once a year. At first, there may be a problem with weeds crowding out the flowers. But once you overcome this obstacle, you can enjoy beautiful colors in your garden.
indiánské teepee

Butterfly Garden meditace v zahradním labyrintu.
A slightly more advanced way to attract insects to your garden. Requires a little knowledge of perennials, design, and planning. However, if you have an extra corner, it would be wonderful to create a butterfly garden there. The most suitable plants are as follows
– Butterfly bush

– Echinacea
– Black-eyed Susan [21].
– Lantana [22].
– seagrass [23] seagrass [24] elderberry [25
– Elderberry [24]

Green Teepee [26].
This teepee is guaranteed to delight small children. Make a hole around the circle and use cut branches or bamboo to form a tall tent shape, and plant sprouting plants around it. Tall sunflowers and green beans are suitable. In this way, you combine fun with convenience, and when fully grown, you have the perfect hiding place.
meditace v zahradním labyrintu

Labyrinth of Meditation [31].
A very interesting way to use extra grass to connect our spiritual teachings with our own space. Suitable for larger community gardens and parks. The structure mediates meditation by walking around (preferably barefoot) and approaching the center. At that very center, one has the opportunity to stay and experience oneself as a being at the center of the universe. Then one returns out of the labyrinth, and upon returning, one realizes the connection between body (walking) and mind (meditation).
The labyrinth can be edged with stones, gravel, or bricks, or planted with trees and shrubs. It is an ideal space for rituals held on important nights such as the summer solstice and the vernal equinox.