Even swimming pools are worth caring for

Yes, even pools and their equipment deserve gentle care. After all, in the summer, you want to refresh yourself with clear, odorless, algae-free water. Taking care of your pool and its equipment will ensure clear pool water and good health. If you want your pool to last and function properly, don\’t skimp on pool filtration.It will filter out all impurities from your water. The filtration must match the size of your pool. Remember to flush the filtration. Pool chemicals are also an essential part of the filter. The most commonly used chemicals are chlorine chemicals. Floating dispensers that release chlorine gradually are useful. This ensures continuous disinfection and clean water. Of course, manufacturers also consider people with allergies and have chlorine-free products for them. When tending to your water, don\’t forget to measure the pH. The ideal value is between 6.8 and 7.2. pH lower than this value can cause corrosion of the metal parts of the pool and can also make the water cloudy. Higher values, on the other hand, can cause eye burns and irritation of mucous membranes. For information on how to care for pool equipment, see also here


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Most common water problems and their solutions

Milky water – If the pool water is milky, check the pH of the water and adjust the pH if necessary. If this does not improve the water, a clarifier can be used to improve the water. This will give the water a sparkle and increase the efficiency of the filter.

Green water – Here it is necessary to use a clarifier as well as a chlorine disinfectant. However, if the water does not change color, try another chlorine-based product.

Brown water – If the pool water turns brown, unfortunately it is water with algae growth and needs to be addressed immediately. Chlorine can be used and of course, as with any other problem, a clarifier can be added.

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What should we not forget?

It is also necessary to clean the walls and bottom of the pool, where pollen, dust from the air, and other impurities can adhere. Don\’t forget to winterize the pool properly after the season is over.