Do men need cosmetics?

Everyone knows that women need cosmetics. So much so that we think women are like dolls. To be frank, how many times have we gotten sick of it? What about men? Should they use cosmetics or not? Do you think proper men are “smelly”?
parfém pro muže

Personally, I think men should definitely use cosmetics. It would be really unpleasant to be on a vehicle somewhere and have the smell of sweat wafting all over the place. At the very least, men should use deodorant or brett. Furthermore, there are a variety of perfumes, of which there are now many for men. It is very nice to smell good. Today there are many products to choose from. Shaving foam, aftershave, balms, and other shaving cosmetics are used by all men.

Have you ever seen men use the same cosmetics that women use? Do you think men need makeup? You need to distinguish between situations. For example, when men appear on TV, of course men also wear makeup and powder. That is mainly to avoid being seen on camera. Some men use such cosmetics. In many cases, men are not seen wearing makeup. If a man can really see that he is wearing makeup, that is not the case. After all, one has to distinguish whether a man is a man or a woman. As for the price of the products, they are cheaper than those for women. But no matter what, of course, one branded perfume costs more than 3,000 yen.
deodorant a sprcháč
I encourage men to use cosmetics. I think women can be more successful too. I would simply leave it up to each of them to decide what to use. If you want to buy, you can either use a traditional physical store or become a member of a cosmetics company to get products at better prices. Another option is to shop online. Many companies nowadays offer simple home delivery services. Buy as many cosmetics as you need and use them as you wish, and you will be happy with the results. Just be careful not to buy too much.