Best 4 Product Placement of All Time

1. James Bond\’s car
No product placement could be more camouflaged and yet so obvious. Aston Martin, Ford, BMW, these are all brands that legendary British agents have associated with their names throughout their long history. It was the lesser-known Aston Martin that made the biggest impact. Aston Martin belongs to a category of cars so luxurious that the average person rarely has a chance to encounter one, and you probably won\’t see a DB5 parked in the driveway of your neighbor\’s house. But since the “007” movies, the DB5 has become a symbol of luxury and elegance. Of course, James Bond made the Martini brand famous by “stirring, not shaking.”
pouzdro, hodinky a brýle.jpg

2. Risky Ray-Ban
The risky 1983 venture not only made Tom Cruise\’s white underwear famous, but also (but not only) the iconic sunglasses brand. Today, we know its shape, even if we don\’t associate it with its maker, for there are numerous inexpensive imitations available. The heavily-framed, square-framed glasses were truly on the verge of bankruptcy before the film\’s release, but more than 300,000 units were sold after the premiere, saving the business both on screen and in real life. What\’s more, Tom Cruise clearly took a liking to the brand, which even made an appearance on screen in his next hit, Top Gun.
bílé tenisky.jpg

3. Sex and the City and Every Luxury Fashion Brand
Sometimes the most effective product placement is one that the manufacturer does not even try to hide. Carrie Bradshaw, a New York columnist and the show\’s protagonist, was literally obsessed with luxury shoes. Her favorites included not only Manolo Blahnik pumps, but also Jimmy Choo and Fendi handbags. For an entire generation of young women, bags became a symbol of status and success, and an essential accessory for successful young New Yorkers.

4. I, Converse
The fact that positioning can work without necessarily being obvious can be seen in Will Smith\’s character trying to avoid the robot apocalypse by wearing Converse shoes. Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, himself a proper badass, he made no comment, but was shot through the ceiling after the premiere.